Security Alarm System

At 10X we are focused on keeping you safe so you can focus on your business. We design commercial security solutions that help protect you against intrusions, robberies and other security threats, as well as environmental threats. 10X can comply with your insurance company’s requirements and may even lower premiums. All 10X security systems are designed to be easy to operate and provide comprehensive intrusion detection and protection. Once your security system is armed, any intrusion or other action that trips an alarm is immediately reported to our 24-hour monitoring center. From there, our certified monitoring agents will keep you informed and, when warranted, summon local authorities. Each system that 10Xinstalls is designed to meet the specific needs of the business that it protects, whether it is a combined interior and perimeter security system for an entire building or multiple locations, or a solution with holdup buttons for a store or office within a larger complex. 10X security systems are configured to be flexible and scalable to economically accommodate changes to your security plan.
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Business Cabling

A flawless structured cable solution is critical to any efficient network.

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10X Communications products have the power to transform business operations, create efficiencies and save money.

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Our goal is to ensure that our customers have the service and support they need so that they can run their business and leave the issues surrounding communications to us.