DSL Services


SDSL is normally used by businesses with a Web presence, VPN, extranet or intranet needs. In these cases the client server may be required to upload large streams of data to the Internet on a regular basis. ADSL would be slow and inadequate for this purpose, as the bandwidth available for uploading is normally less than 1 megabit per second (mbps). SDSL bandwidth can be as high as 7 mbps in both directions.

An Internet service provider offering SDSL may offer different grades for varying prices; the faster the data rate, the more expensive the service. Usually, long-term contracts are required for SDSL service regardless of the grade chosen.

SDSL utilizes a digital frequency traveling across existing copper telephones lines to send and receive data. When using the telephone line for SDSL service, phone and fax services on that line must be suspended. Therefore a dedicated second, or additional, line is needed for SDSL service. This differs from ADSL, which "leaves room" for both standard analog telephone equipment and the digital signal, so that one can talk on the phone or use a fax machine while online.

SDSL service is an "always on" service, meaning that the computer is actively connected to the Internet whenever powered up. If the computer always remains on, the Internet connection will be continuously active.

SDSL service requires an SDSL modem, normally supplied by the Internet service provider, and SDSL equipment is often proprietary. The SDSL modem will likely require same-vendor equipment in the LAN, or common DSL chipsets.


Small business customers who use DSL services are most typically connected to an asymmetric DSL (ADSL) line. ADSL splits the available frequencies in a line, assuming that most Internet users view or download a lot more data than they transmit or upload. Considering this, if the connection speed from the Internet to the user is three to four times as fast as the connection from the user back to the Internet, then, the majority of the time, the user will reap the most benefit from an ADSL connection.

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