T-1 & T-3 Leased Line Circuits


T1 internet service for your business can make online communicating easier for your company. By using a T1 line for internet, faxing and telephone service you have bypassed the phone company going straight to the long distance carrier.

This move can save your company over the course of a year. There will be an upfront cost as with any internet provider. The T1 service will enhance your company's work load making it easier and more proficient.

If your company has a website to maintain, customers or vendors to keep in contact with, employees at different locations and others that work from home then T1 internet service is the right solution for you.

This service will make everyone happy. No bandwidth problems with large files being uploaded through an FTP client. No glitches or hiccups when more than one employee is online or when someone needs to send a fax. The line will handle all of your data needs.

No matter how large or how many different locations your company has a T1 service will keep everything and everyone moving with no lag time. Need to have a web conference with employees in different locations? Then this service is for you. All of these pluses are just that for your business needs. Things will run smoothly when you use T1 internet service.

With T1 internet service your business can maintain a website, upload and down load with no strain on the bandwidth. This means more employees doing their jobs with no down time. This makes the cost of T1 service worth every dime over the period of time you sign a contract for.

Your bandwidth is not shared with other customers of the provider as with local internet services. This is the service to use if you have several employees that need to communicate quickly with each other; especially if they are sharing files. This service is made just for that.  You will find it makes things move faster for everyone to do their job. The bottom line for you and the company is a better prepared work force.

The technology behind T1 internet services will get a company on the right track to being a finely tuned machine. Your employees will love having instant access to the internet with no interruptions. Everything they do that involves communication will be more cost efficient as well as quicker for everyone. The T1 internet service will be a good investment in your company’s future.


T3 internet connection is also called as DS3 internet connection. A T3 internet connection is used in transmitting digital signals at "44.736 megabits/s" and it also has enough bandwidth where it can transmit the full - motion real - time video and also very big databases over an active network.  

Software development companies will frequently require throughput beyond and above the capacity of a T1 internet connection to handle the client upload and to download the traffic as the buyers will log onto "FTP" servers to access newer versions and patches of their product. Regional and Local ISP themselves will use the T3 internet connection circuits as the main key of their customer oriented broadband delivery is a likely candidate for "T3" service.  

With the fractional T3 internet services, businesses can simply scale the bandwidth requirements with the speeds beginning from 6 Mbps and increasing with 3 Mbps increments and has easy and fast upgrades. Collocation will provide controlled, secure space and easy network access for the servers. They also offer reliability and great performance, while helping you to reduce the operating costs in total.

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